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Strato Streak is your professional partner offering tailored solutions in the world of historic vehicles. Within our network we are able to connect the dots in order to serve you best. Expertise is our strength, emotions are our legacy, passion is our fuel – we turn power into performance

What We Do for you

Marketing & Communication

We are able to provide you with the best advice in marketing and communication.

Event Management

We are able to provide you with the event you desire.

Corporate identity / Design

TWe are able to set up a clear definition of your activity and deliver a consistent and timeless design.

Classic Vehicle Consultants

The world of classic cars is getting every day more complex. Passion and investments are dominating the global scene. It is crucial to have guidance within this environment, if you want to enter to the world of classics or expand your collection.

Classic vehicle restauration

Today the world of classic vehicles covers almost 125 Years of individual mobility. The vehicle of your choice deserves the preparation you desire.

Classic vehicle Maintenance

We can take care of your vehicle and have it ready for you at any time.

Our fuel is


we believe in, Maintaining a transparent communication at all times


We support Classic Vehicle Owners in all their needs to fully enjoy their passion. Our services ensure that the vehicles are always in fully operational and save conditions. We advice the owners on acquisition, maintenance, preservation and restoration plans. We are able to offer a range of unique and holistic solutions for enthusiasts and collectors.

Our extended experience, global network and creativity allows us to advice companies on specific marketing, branding and sponsoring needs within the classic car community.

We deliver complete Communication and Event Platforms, designed to fulfill your needs and desires.


We believe that Classic Vehicles are cultural heritage covering our recent history. These fine pieces of engineering, contemporary design and different ways of interpreting individual mobility, must be preserved for future generations. Meanwhile the owners of these vehicles should enjoy them, the way they were meant to be used for. Classic Vehicles have always a story to tell… the more you enjoy them, the more you are part of the story!

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